WWOOF is a program where people go across the world volunteering on organic farms. Its name stands for World Wide Oppurtunities on Organic Farms. The deal is you work for free, and whoever your host is pays for all your expenses, usually minus the plane ticket. It’s a cool way to see the world while learning about alternative farming methods. Depending on where and who you work for you get time off to go see sights. Hosts range from families looking for a little help in their garden, to small commercial organic farms looking for  free labor. Picking the right type of host is really important, you can imagine how having to stay with some little family who’s like vegetarian or something could get really old. Usually you have really short hours, so the arrangement is pretty sweet. Most hosts give off weekends and allow you to hit up the town or go visit some nearby attraction.

This may seem like a really sick deal, but you’re signing up for more work than it sounds. Like I said you usually have to stay with your host, and a lot of times its an extra room in their house. You have to be able to get along with people who are probably a lot different than you. You can only imagine that the sort of people who keep organic farms and house travelers for free are probably going to be some weird people.

There’s different WWOOF organizations across the world, usually for just individual countries. WWOOF is most prominent in Europe, probably because thats where people are willing to work for free just so they can visit. I signed up for WWOOF France to check it out, and theres a cool book with all sorts of contacts for hosts looking for work. Like I said, some of these folks arent for everybody, some of these people are weird, but hey I guess that’s what you get.

I might do it after I graduate college, but it would be sweeter if my parents just paid for me to go screw around in Europe for a couple months instead.



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