Should you let son play football?


In the above ESPN article, columnist Ashley Fox talks about what is wrong with football. She talks about how it is so violent that she will never allow her son to play. She cites things like the huge number of players suing the league over concussions, the Saints bounty scandal, and the recent suicide of former linebacker Junior Seau as reasons why she won’t let her son play football. I’m not a fan of Ashley Fox, I think she’s one of those people who fails to see the forest for the trees. She won’t let her son play even pop warner football because of problems in the NFL, point in case.

I played football in middle school and it makes me think football is just about the best sport you can play. You gain way more life lessons being on a football team as a kid than any other sport and that’s because football asks something more from individuals and teams. Football is really the only sport where eleven average athletes can beat eleven superb athletes, teamwork is really a bigger factor in football than in baseball, hoops, or soccer. In football you have to be aware of what everyone else is doing rather than just focus on beating your man. In football you have to be aggressive like no other sport, and you have to learn how to get tackled and get back up. That’s how life is and it’s great that kids have an opportunity to learn that.

The fact that a game played by the most athletic men to ever walk the planet is dangerous does not mean that the same game played by teenagers is dangerous. And even if concussions are a risk in the NFL, they should look to change anything before the actual game. Arguments about changing the way the game is played have little legitimacy in my mind, because they’re usually made by people whose livelihood is football. All they care about is making sure the league has its money, I could care less about how rich the league is. I’ve always wondered why they dont try and put more money and effort into a health care program for retired players. No, instead the league will punish entire communities because of words not actions. See the bounty scandal. The NFL and football media appear corrupt to me, theyre way to concerned with the politics of the game as opposed to the people who make the game: fans players and coaches. Ashley Fox is part of that crowd and wouldn’t it be funny if her kid becomes the first table tennis injury or something? Just kidding but you know what I mean.


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