NFC South Draft Review

The draft is over and now we get to see a nice influx of new talent in the NFC South. Let’s see how I think everybody did.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints were without a pick until the third round which meant nothing to monumental was headed our way. Trading our 2012 first rounder was definitely worth it as Mark Ingram has shown a lot of promise that he can be a versatile back who will fit in our assault attack scheme. When you look at what we could’ve got at 27 this year, Im glad we have Ingram instead. Doug Martin or David Wilson? No thanks. We got a big d-tackle from Canada named Akiem Hicks with our first pick in the third. The guy is an  athletic freak but he has obvious concerns being from Canada. I loved our fourth round pick taking the big dude Nick Toon, gives our offense some more firepower. We then took a little safety from Samford who should probably switch to nickle back, and finished the 6th and 7th with two mammoth offensive lineman.

Atlanta Falcons: Little Brother did work trying to provide Matt Ryan a little more pass protection. In the second they took Pete Konz a big center from Wisconsin. He looks like an NFL caliber talent, but there are injury concerns, as he’s never completed a season without missing a game. In the third they took a tackle form Hattisburg named Lamar Holmes, he’s a huge dude who can maybe play the left side in the NFL if he gets his footwork down. Hes an aggressive blocker who should fit well with the cutblocking ATL o-line. They finished the draft taking a promising fullback and three guys for depth on defense. Their draft was smart, but I dont think Itll change this team’s runner up syndrome. I bet the Saints still sweep these dudes.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers were pretty bad this past year so they got to pick early. They took Luke Kuechly from BC with the ninth pick. Kuechly is an inside linebacker who can do it all, but is truly excellent in coverage. Smart pick considering Jimmy Graham made these guys look like fools over the middle. The Panthers took a big dude named Amini Silatolu to play guard. He has starter potential but he’s very raw, well see how he turns out. The Panthers adressed their pass rush taking  Frank Alexander from Oklahoma and their receiving corps taking Joe Adams from Arkansas. Im not crazy about either of those guys, and I’m not crazy about the Panthers. I don’t see them finishing over .500 this year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs were really bad this past year, being awarded the fifth pick. They traded down to the seventh and took safety Mark Barron, who would be called elite if there was such a thing as an elite safety. Thats the problem I have with the pick, they should have stayed at fifth and taken Morris Claiborne but instead they took a guy they think can stop Jimmy Graham, Tampa you gotta be an actor not a reactor. They traded back into the first to take Doug Martin a tailback from Boise. I dont like Doug Martin, he’s tall slow and skinny. He’s versatile but that’s not Tampa, they’ve got some strong dudes, but is QB Josh Freeman the guy who can play the checkdown game? A lot of people are praising this draft, but I don’t like either of heir first two picks, and new coach Schiano is a garbage hiring in my mind. I see this team finishing below 6 wins.



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