Lolong: The world’s biggest crocodile

The world’s largest crocodile can be found in the Philippines. His name is Lolong and at 20 foot 3 inches hes is the biggest crocodile of all time. Lolong is a native of Bunawan, Philippines where he was terrorizing villagers, he is the suspected killer of several fisherman.Last September, the locals decided enough was enough and stalked the croc for three days. It took a team of 100 men to take croc alive. After capture he was taken to the Bunowan Ecopark, where his status as the largest crocodile in captivity was confirmed.

ImageLolong is a saltwater crocodile, the largest species of the crocodilians. The previous title holder was an Australian saltwater crocodile named  Cassius who comes in at 17 foot 10 inches. Many experts and crocodile hunters believe there are even larger crocodiles out there though. The hunters who captured Lolong said that in the same Bunowan marshes, there are larger crocodiles to be found.

Saltwater crocodiles are found across southeast Asia and Oceania. In all there are 12 species of crocodiles and they can be found across the globe.

In America, the American crocodile is found across South Florida. Its range also includes the Carribean and the north coast of South America. So it’s not just gators in the states we have crocodiles who are even bigger and more active. I would be more afraid of a croc than a gator, and a gator is the scariest animal I’ve come across.

In the Amazon, you can find a relative of the crocodile called the caiman. It is much smaller than crocodiles and even alligators. Its diet includes fish and capybaras, but it gets preyed on by huge anacondas as well as jaguars. Like gators, caiman nearly went extinct due to extensive hunting for leather. Extensive conservation work has brought them back to health numbers, and caiman is more commonly used in leather work than the old standard, the american alligator.

Perhaps the funniest looking of the crocodilians is the gharial of India. The gharial has an extremely thin snout, ideal for hunting schools of fish. Gharials were at one time common all over south India and the Ganges river delta. Now they are among the most endangered of all the crocodilians.

Gigantic crocodiles like Lolong prove that the world still kind of has its dragons. Just because they arent cute doesnt mean we shouldnt look out for these magnificent creatures, support worldwide sonservation efforts so we can see even bigger crocodiles. 


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