Carolina Panthers Unveil New Logo

The NFL’s Carolina Panthers have introduced a refined logo and a new font. This is the first logo change the team has instituted since their inception in 1995. In a team issued statement, Panthers President Danny Morrison speaks on the logo saying, “We have one of the finest and most recognizable logos in the NFL and wanted to make it as modern as possible without losing the dramatic essence of the mark”. The changes to the old logo are subtle, but noticeable. Gone is the blue trim, and the whiskers are now a more subtle Carolina blue. The panthers face however, is noticeably more defined, with a fiercer more muscular look. The font, or logotype, has undergone more dramatic change, it’s no longer that intense nineties style, it’s a more clean cut look, reminiscent of a comic book cover.

The old Panthers logo on top, with the refined one on bottom.

I like the new logo, it looks sleeker and meaner. Now that they’ve lost that trim, they need to look into getting black helmets, because this new logo would look savage on a black helmet. I’ve never seen the Panthers wear an all black uniform, but now’s a good time to bring one out. As much as I like the new logo, I’m not really crazy about the new logotype, it’s just too bland for me. The old font does look dated, it’s got that nineties style, but it’s intense and instantly recognizable. I don’t even see what’s wrong with the logotype looking nineties style anyway, this team was in fact, founded in the nineties, so why not let people know with that unmistakable font?

This logo and logotype were designed by something called the NFL creative department, which isn’t as cool as if the Panthers had gone to a local graphic design firm and contracted their own new logo. But as the NFL has grown more corporate and centralized, team’s visual presence has become more uniform and a little dull. Nike takes over equipment duties from Reebok next year, and hopefully they’ll bring a little more individuality when it comes to graphic design.


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